Goals. Vision. Action


I am a big believer in setting goals and achieving them, having a vision and making it a reality, and not giving up when it can get tough and just continuing to take action.  A year ago I embarked on an eight year goal in the making which was to live and work in Hawaii.  I did whatever I could to make this goal a reality, and I could have settled for less and kept my goal and dream as one of “I wish” to have achieved instead of being “I did” achieve.

Since moving to Hawaii, I didn’t understand what that next ultimate goal or vision to work towards was until recently.  It was almost a year of reflecting on the achievements, strides, and failures that had brought me to this exact moment of wondering, what I am going to do next.  I am not one to just stop and not continue to move forward.  However, I felt stuck in the “what will I do next”.

During the course of my first year on Kauai, I have done things that I would never have thought was possible.  I had the ability to Stage Manage at local events, sing in a beautifully talented worship team on both the North and South of Kauai, and now I am teaching Spin class.  Using my God given talents, embracing the community with encouragement, praise, and good deeds, brightens my day during the tough times.

I love being able to make a positive impact on the community, and that really does light me up.  What is next?  Well, it will bring me back to the continually evolving drawing board to make the next goal a complete, well rounded, detailed, one with a vision to make the wildest dreams a reality.  Like the well spoken Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.  So what do you want to dream and do?

Start today.  Not tomorrow.  Make a Goal.  Build a Vision.  Take Action.

Aloha from Kauai on this Family Day in Ontario and President’s Day in the USA.


Friday Night Thoughts – Time to Grow


I remember as a teenager, sitting in front of the TV on a blanket imagining someone special beside me as I would watch shows like “Saved by the Bell” or whatever would be popular at the time. While others at my age would be starting to date, or at least have the opposite sex interested in them, I sat on my own, wondering when someone would want to date me.

20 years later, the same girl who used to sit in front of the TV imagining someone special beside her, is now laying on her bed in a studio apartment in Hawaii wondering the exact same thing. Why would it be that the only thing that seemed to be missing from a well put together life would be someone to share it with? Perhaps it was that living in another Country, away from the comfort of family and friends, had a bit of an absence to it that maybe would be filled with the desire of another human being. It could be that being alone was not the ultimate goal, and at 34 almost going on 35, the concept of being single was as if to be rejected, not fitting into society. Maybe it was a replay from the years of the past which were hard to embrace, from being made fun of, to settling for the moment and not staying true to the heart, and then being disappointed from relationships that turned out to be no more than a distant memory.

Whatever it was, it was not the way that one should spend a Friday night. Sitting at home, alone, and being stirred up by emotions that do not help for a full night of solid sleep. With that feeling in mind, this girl, being me, has decided to live and embrace each day to the fullest, to live as if anything is possible, because it is, and to throw away all of the negative stuff of the past and make room for the new. I have held on to this junk for way to long, so farewell, adios, enjoy the trip to the past where you belong.

I will live with zest, with excitement, and with passion. I will be true to myself and know that I am perfect just the way I am and I love me. I know that in the right timing, everything will fall into place, and these Friday nights of solitude with be nights filled of laughter, company, and increased gratitude.

Perhaps being alone is part of my growth at the moment. The part that hurts so much, but builds one into a stronger character.

“Change and growth is so painful, but necessary for us to evolve.”
-Sarah McLachlan

The power of Kauai – 3 months in

Tomorrow I celebrate being on Kauai for 3 months.  I can not believe that the time has gone by so fast, although I have had a quick trip home to Canada in this time with also two mini trips to Honolulu.  Other than that, I have lived in the hotel for 30 days, had my Mom visit for just under 2 weeks, had my friend from Maui come and stay for a few days, and many adventures in between.

This blog is all about the power of Kauai and what I feel is happening to me.  I am changing.  I am becoming a better version of me, and it is taking a lot of work to get to this point of getting to know who I am.  I have been told many things by people all around me, but who really cares about what they think – it all comes down to how you feel inside and what YOU truly believe.

I have come here for a reason.  Probably for a few more life lessons, but more importantly, I feel that I have reached home.  I have constantly had this stir in me to go and move somewhere, do something different, but all I want to do on Kauai is settle.  I feel at home, I feel at peace, and I am ready for what my next adventure will entail.

Kauai is stirring up possibilities in me.  It is aligning me with my purpose to help others, create adventures, and be the best that I can be to help those in need.  Kauai is creating a more nurturing side in me, even through the tough times in my job, or challenges with others around me, I am becoming a more loving, caring soul.  I never really had the ultimate true feeling to settle and have my own Ohana…and here, I feel that this is possible.  It is time to grow up and share the love that I have.  It is time to expand my horizons.  It is time to fully embrace Kauai!

In the morning I now start with a short Yoga practice, followed by my daily devotion, and then about 20 minutes of positive affirmations to get my day started.  I then go to work, and on my short 3 minute drive to work, I embrace the beauty all around me.  I go to work with a clear mind and then do what I need to do and get out.  Once I leave work, I don’t bring it home with me.  I get to see the beauty of the North Shore of Kauai and I head home to do either a walk in the area, practice my ukulele, jump in the pool, another round of Yoga, or just sit on the lanai and have a glass of wine and share my thoughts.

So – who is ready to come and enjoy Kauai?  Make it happen.  Just do it – at least then you can say you were able to visit the oldest island in the chain of Hawaiian Islands.  Kauai – you are magic.  You are wonder.  You are part of our Creator, and you are marvellous.


Aloha all around.


If anyone has ever grown to know me, seen me, been around me enough, you will know that I have lots of love to give – to share – to bring joy to others – to fully embrace what I believe is to live in the spirit of Aloha.

From the lil piggy at Foodland that runs around, to the Pickles the Pool Cat who has been left behind by an owner who moved back to the Mainland, I just love to love.  The problem with the whole I love everything, is that it can hurt.  Your heart and joy that you would feel bursting out of my soul, can slowly start to diminish within time, but then again, that is one of the blessing and fallbacks of wanting to give so much love to others.

Currently, I am in an awesome state of love, joy, beauty, calmness, excitement, adventure, and I can’t believe each amazing day that I get to live out here on Kauai.  Now, I am sure that my days in Ontario, my days on a Cruise Ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean or in port, and even my days in Whistler had an element of this, but nothing as strong and dynamic as what I experience on a daily basis.  There is a magic to Kauai.  There is something that has drawn me here, and every day I get closer to what I am meant to learn here.

I have met some wonderful people so far, I have been to events that I would never have imagined that I would be present at, and at the same time, I feel as if I have been here for more than 3 months.  Now, back to my love for everything – it is growing here.  I am learning to let go of the past, to believe in myself and the infinite abilities that I have with the power of our Creator who is guiding me in the right direction.  I have held on to so much, and that can be why I couldn’t feel this abundance around me wherever I was before.  However, no matter where you go, there you are.  Maybe this journey right now in my life is setting me up for one wild ride, but allowing me to finally move forward.

Excitement is all around.  Adventure does exist.  With the ever changing coastline, to the intensity of the ocean, the energy of the island is one of nurture and guidance.  I know that I am about to stumble on something so crazy awesome that I can not even imagine what it will be.  The energy is building around me, the excitement is growing, and I feel that I am finally coming into my own.

Creativity will resume.  Laughs will continue.  Local food will be consumed, and many more memories will be made.

Now life – this is what I believe it is to be.  To be shared with those you love, to show others that you love, to continually be in a state of abundance of joy with no blinders on, and to give gratitude to all and everything around.  This post comes from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope that it inspires you to live each and every single day with the utmost exuberance for life, a sparkle in your eyes, and never look back.

Aloha from me to you on this beautiful night in Kauai.



Island Life – The bits


Aloha Friends, Family, and WordPress Readers

So, it is a bit unbelievable to see that the last post I did was titled “Last day of 33”, which would mean that I wrote it back in October 2016.  Quite a bit has changed since that last post and some highlights include: Trip to Hawaii, Month in Hawaii for work in December, New Years Eve shenanigans in Maui, back to Canada, job offer in Kauai, March 29th – fly to Kauai.  May 1st – here I am.  Return of the post (for those old-school, you can play the song Return on the Mack in your head while reading that line).

My one month in Kauai has provided me with many experiences, challenges, exciting adventures, and questions.  Questions that were easily answered back in Canada, or you can say the mainland.  Areas of interest and need, like where do you get waxed? Is there threading available?  What about a hair stylist? Nails? I was very lucky back in Ontario where this was readily available.  Here – you must really plan it out, ask around, and be prepared to spend a bit more than you are used to.  I miss Fuzz Waxbar so much.  My normal $38/month spend will be around $70 minimum here.  So good ol Lady Bic came out, and that was a bad idea.  Repeat – BAD IDEA.

My lighter colour of hair is slowly coming in and when the sun hits it, it starts to go even more lighter.  My once all very dark black hair is becoming a reverse balayage with my fantastic floating roots.  It is all very stylish right now, according to me.  Until I find someone who can take me in on a Saturday, then I will continue to grow the natural colour.  Daring – I know.

Manicure and pedicure – I let the natural elements of the sand, ocean, and work stress fix that.  Threading – nothing a good tweezer can’t fix, and laundry – I will find a place to wash my clothes. I will just think that I am saving precious water for the time being.

However, would I give this island life up? No.  Every great adventure has to come with challenges, or the journey will not be one that will continue to grow you, mold you, help you become a stronger leader, friend, and traveller.  One day I will look back and say, that was good time and think of everything you achieved.  It’s ok that you had only one sink in your studio condo, you became very creative,and now look at you.  You have two sinks – the dream is real!

If you are thinking of making a big life move – DO IT.  If you want to move somewhere remote like Hawaii – DO IT.  If you want to even go and try a new class out at the gym – DO IT.  Life is an adventure.  Life is sacred.  Life is the precious gift given by your Creator, and you can be the one who believes who that is, but make the most of it and share your love all around.

Aloha my friends.  There will be much more to come!

Lyns x


The last day of 33


This will be the last few hours that I will be 33 and then it is on to 34.  Who would have known that I would be writing about getting older, when I was younger, that is all that I wanted to do.  To be able to travel, get out of Ontario, experience the world, have freedom. I have been so blessed in the last 33 years to have had the opportunity to live a life of adventure, fun, challenges, many jobs, a few notable relationships, and being able to surprise my family coming home for celebrations.

I have spent my last day of being 33 by doing a fantastic nutritional cleansing day, a positive approach to work, being around friends, going to Yoga, and commuting on the train with those coming in and out of Toronto.  I have also been working on my Healthy Mind and Body Challenge and I am on day 58 out of 60, and what perfect timing to do this on a new journey of my life.  This is one of the first times that I can truly say that I love myself.  I love who I am, my flaws and all.  I love that I can look in the mirror and say, hey you are beautiful and you can do it.  I love that I don’t have to look to other people for that validation, and that I always have God on my side to be there fully supporting me through the good and the bad.

I vision 34 being the year where life happens to the extent that I have been working towards.  A life of travel, adventure, love, passion, excitement, growth, change, and becoming even more flexible that I am.  A year of helping others overcome their obstacles and at the same time being a strong role model for others.  34 is only a number, but it will be a year of creativity being unleashed and nothing holding me back.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to start the week of being 34 off in my paradise, Maui.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the 33 years so far, and I can’t wait to continue to make memories for the next 33 and more with all of you.

In my very much Lynsay Hawaiian way, Mahalo and Aloha!


Fall. Embrace. Change


There comes a time in our lives when there is change. This change can be something you are looking forward to, whether it be a new addition to your family or a well deserved promotion, or maybe a change in careers, relationships, beliefs, and the list can go on and on. Change is inevitable. You can either embrace the change, or do your best to hold onto things the way they were until you are left wondering what happened.

A season for change can be found during the Fall. What I love about the Fall is, (being lucky to experience this season in Canada), it is where we get to see the colours change on the trees, the air becomes cooler, and sweaters are being pulled out from the closet. There is  almost a spicy sweetness to the air and things start to slow down. The hustle of the summer months comes to an end, and then starts the talk of the dreaded upcoming Winter. Fall is a time to also renew. Actually any day can be a day to renew yourself and work on who you are, your love for yourself, and your love for everything that has blessed your life.

As I write this as I am having a hard time at embracing an upcoming change, and that is a change of location. This is being done as a sacrifice to get where I want to go in the long run, and if I don’t embrace this change, I will be sitting here in a year’s time wondering why I have not been able to get ahead. I could change my mindset about my situation, but the reality will not change, unless I make more sacrifices. You have to know that there is a great plan for each and everyone one of us, and you need to stop and embrace the plan, and the changes that might come from it. There is one who is greater than all of us, and He is in control.

I have been blessed to become part of a great company in the past month which is helping me to reset my Mindset and how I thought that I could control myself. I have been able to increase my Health, my Energy, my Positivity, and my Beliefs while working on myself to become stronger, smarter, and more aligned with beneficial thoughts, beliefs, and values. I am making a change in myself, so I can help make a change in others. But the biggest thing about change is to Just Let Go. What are you afraid of?

Fall. Change. Embrace – it’s that easy – are you ready?