In Flight Socks – Now this is exciting stuff!

You know when you are getting old when you get excited about something as wonderful as compression socks.  I can’t even begin to share how amazed I am by this invention.  Whoever decided to come up with this idea, is my idol, and I thank that person, team, or whoever, because if you travel long distances and never tried them, do it!  They range in different styles, prices, textures, designs, etc.

After my long haul flight to Australia a few months back, I landed in Perth with the most oversized swollen legs and feet ever.  It can be described as a feeling I will never forget.  It was like my muscles were trying to escape through my skin, and my legs were about to burst at any moment.  I had tried everything on land, from laying on the floor with my legs up a wall, massaging them, walking through town to get everything back to normal, but it only took time for the swelling to go down.

On my travels back to Canada this time, I was determined not to go through this feeling again.  In the Sydney airport, this lovely lady at the pharmacy in the airport helped me, and she told me her 20 year old daughter uses them too, so I didn’t feel that bad.  I pulled on these puppies on the flight before take off, in my so desired 2nd last row seat which is prone to being hit by the service cart and close to the toilets.  Now here is the magical part.  They worked! The In Flights, aka compression socks, worked!!!!!  I landed in LAX, with normal size legs, no pain, and a newly found love for these socks.

Now, I had to promote the socks, and on my flight from LAX to YVR, I was amazed to find out that my flight mates in my row use them as well.  Wow, I am not alone and neither should you be without the socks.  Do it, believe me, you will thank me after a long haul flight!

I am starting to accept the fact that I am getting older, and I need to take care of myself better than before.  It all starts with one step, and when I take that next step onto a plane, you can be sure I will be rocking out a pair of my In Flight Socks.  Now, where should I fly next to…perhaps California? 



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